"RGS girls raise $80k to build school in china" by Lim Pei Xuan Amanda

I am truly amazed that 11 girls from Raffles Girls School raised a total of $80k in just a year. Their actions touched me deep down in my heart. I believe that they are helping the community from the bottom of their hearts and not just for Community Involvement Programme (CIP) hours. Many of us get involve in CIP because we have to fulfil our hours in secondary school, and most of us do not genuinely want to help the community as they think it’s a waste of their time. They often just get involved in the program and forget about it in a week or so.
CIPs are losing its meaning over the years as the younger generation as doing it for the sake of their Co-curriculum activity (CCA) points , but these girls are bringing its meaning back. I am inspired by their actions and I believe that many teenagers like me are inspired by them too.
I feel that it is important to start CIPs at an early age so as to cultivate the younger generation into compassionate people who does voluntary work genuinely. Parents make up a big role in cultivating the younger generation. They must first be an exemplary role model and inspire their children.
These heroines sacrificed one year of their lives to help somebody that they don't even know. The younger generation really needs to be less selfish and learn to love others too.
I am not saying that we have to be like them, but little actions like donating things to the less fortunate is the least you can do. Helping others with an open heart, this world will definitely be a better place for you and me.

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